The Paul de Hueck and Norman Walford Career Achievement Awards

Norman Walford, former Executive Director of the Ontario Arts Council, and the late Paul de Hueck, former CBC television production manager established the Paul de Hueck and Norman Walford Fund. The awards recognize Canadian artists for their significant contributions and excellence in the body of work in the areas of keyboard artistry, singing and art photography. 


Current Recipient
2016     David Braid (Keyboard artistry)

Past Recipient
2015     Moyra Davey (Art Photography)
2014     Adrianne Pieczonka (Singing)
2011     Larry Towell (Art photography)
2007     Lorraine Desmarais and Janina Fialkowska 
(Keyboard artistry) 
2005     Raymonde April (Art photography)
2003     Judith Forst (Singing)
2000     Jeff Wall (Art photography)
1998     Robert Silverman (Keyboard artistry)



News Releases
Pianist David Braid Receives Career Achievement Award  August 29, 2016
Photographer Moyra Davey Receives Career Achievement Award Dec. 3, 2015
Soprano Adrianne Pieczonka Receives Career Achievement Award  Jan. 27, 2014

Donor Testimonial:
Wuchien Michael Than

Persistence and Passion:  A Donor's Story

The Wuchien Michael Than Foundation Fund was established by Michael Than in partnership with the Ontario Arts Foundation in 2013. Funding began in 2013 and contributions continue to grow the fund and support a granting program. Michael Than created the Fund to help create opportunities for the creation, development of Asian-Canadian theatre and to develop new works by Asian-Canadian playwrights.


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