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Insights for Building Resilience in our Social Sector

January 07, 2021

Navigating uncertainty: Building resilience in Canada’s social sector is a short but well set out article from Price Waterhouse Coopers setting out key insights on how leaders of not for profit (arts ) organizations and their Boards can focus on.

Capacity - In what ways can the social sector adapt to meet new needs under changing conditions ?

Structure - How can the social sector refresh business models and rethink strategic plans to better prepare for the long term?

People - How can upskilling opportunities help motivate, connect and prepare social sector leaders for the future of work ?

The insights can be helpful, particularly for Boards in suggesting NFP organizations look both at responding to immediate impacts of the pandemic to a longer term view that supports sustainability and organizations having the skills to adapt programming, operations to new ways of working. The article concludes with a checklist for boards and management teams to help prepare for the future.

  • Shifting the Mindset
  • Empowering learning for the long term
  • Aligning support to help future-fit the sector

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