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2018 Wuchien Michael Than Fund Grants Announced

Toronto, October 17, 2018 — The Ontario Arts Foundation and the Wuchien Michael Than Foundation are pleased to announce the 2018 grants from the Wuchien Michael Than Fund. This year's grants are being given to help fund productions by artists including Franco Nguyen and Loretta Seto.

Production Grants

Good Morning Viet Mom by Franco Nguyen
Cahoots Theatre

Loreta Seto The Ones We Leave Behind by Loretta Seto
Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre

Development Grants - Phase II

Suvendrini Lena Every Corner a Terrorist by Suvendrini Lena
B.A.A.N.N. Theatre Centre

April Leung Ladies of Mahjong by April Leung
Factory Theatre

Yellow Rabbit
by the Silk Bath Collective
Soulpepper Theatre Company

Suicide Forest by Tetsuro Shigematsu
Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre

Mahabharata by Ravi Jain
Why Not Theatre

Development Grants - Phase I

Pluck'd  by Ke Xin Li
Playwrights Workshop Montreal

Salesman in China by Jovanni Sy and Leanna Brodie
PTC Playwrights Theatre Centre

APPLE by Cynthia Hicks
Studio 180 Theatre

Production and Phase Two Development Grants from the Wuchien Michael Than Fund are available for the development of new works by Asian-Canadian playwrights which are either in production for the current season or in the pre-production phase and projected to be ready for full public productions within one or two seasons.

Phase One Development Grant applications can be made at any time. Visit the Wuchien Michael Than website for details.

The Wuchien Michael Than Fund was established at the Ontario Arts Foundation by Michael Than in 2012 and launched in 2013 to support the development and nurturing of theatre arts in Canada, with a particular emphasis on new works by Asian-Canadian playwrights, and the development of emerging talent in the Asian-Canadian theatre community.

List of Past Grant Recipients

For more information, please contact :

Alan Walker
Executive Director, Ontario Arts Foundation
Tel: (416) 969-7413

Established in 1991, the Ontario Arts Foundation (OAF) is passionately committed to building long-term support for the arts in Ontario. In 2017-2018, the OAF paid out over $3.35 million in endowment income and $260,000 in awards and scholarships.

The Wuchien Michael Than Foundation was established to support the development and nurturing of theatre arts in Canada, with particular emphasis on the creation, development and production of new works by Asian-Canadian playwrights .

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