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Nominations for fourth annual Gina Wilkinson Prize now being accepted

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, October 15, 2014 — Nominations for the fourth annual Gina Wilkinson Prize (Gina’s Prize) will be accepted starting October 15, 2014. The prize is intended to recognize an experienced female theatre artist transitioning from one theatre discipline into the discipline of theatre direction. The annual Gina’s Prize pays tribute to Canadian actor, playwright and director Gina Wilkinson and her unyielding dedication, vision and indomitable spirit that imbued her work and her life. The recipient will be chosen from nominations brought forward by members of the Canadian theatre community.


An actor for over twenty years, Gina began turning her attention to both writing and directing and, in the last few years of her too-short life, established herself as a daring, strong, inventive and important director and collaborator in the Canadian theatre community. Shortly after Gina died in December 2010, a fund was established to benefit female theatre directors. The Gina Wilkinson Prize was made possible by the generous support of over 200 people from all across Canada.

In the past year, a generous gift was made to the fund by the beneficiaries of the Estate of Elsie V. Adamson. Gina's brother, Martin Wilkinson, a Victoria based financial advisor for RBC Dominion Securities, was a long-time friend and advisor of Mrs. Adamson. As a result of this generous gift, in combination with previous and ongoing donations to the fund, the Prize has been increased from 

$2,000 to $5,000.  In the spirit of Ms. Wilkinson’s generosity and appetite for life, this prize is a gift to be used in any way the recipient chooses.

Previous winners of the Gina Wilkinson Prize include: Ann-Marie Kerr of Halifax (2012), Krista Jackson of Winnipeg (2013) and Christine Brubaker of Toronto (2014).

The Gina Wilkinson Prize Fund is administered by the Ontario Arts Foundation. Anyone wishing to donate to the fund may do so here.

This year’s nomination deadline is December 15, 2014, with the award recipient announced on March 10, 2015.

Award and Nomination Process


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