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Why would you consider locking capital into a long-term fund?
Arts organizations are the proverbial spinners of straw into gold, as your donors come through every year. But the world of philanthropy is changing. More donors are thinking strategically, and that often means long-term.

When it comes to delivering a product on time and on budget, you have few equals in the business world. An opening night is set for some distant date, and by 8pm on that given evening, the doors open and the magic starts... and your audience has no idea of the financial challenges involved in making that happen. Year after year, you cast a much longer shadow than your resources would seem to make possible.

So we’re not going to lecture you about the need for financial independence, accountability and long range planning. We understand that it is difficult to plan for long-term financial stability when there are so many urgent needs in the current operating year. But with access to investment strategies, advice and resources that might not otherwise be available to you, perhaps we can help you start each new year with a growing pile of straws that have already been spun into gold. As you attract other donors who want to make an enduring difference, we can work with you to devise fundraising strategies that will help you generate money for current needs by leveraging the capital you are raising for the long-term.

We live in the same non-profit world that you do, so we understand not-for-profit thinking. We take the time to consider each situation on a case-by-case basis so that, in tandem with you and your donors, we can build innovative long-term funds with varying degrees of flexibility. And do so at a low cost and with access to leading investment managers.

Let’s have a conversation about how we can collaborate to create a more financially secure future for your organization.


Quote from Bruce Bennett, Executive Director of the Ontario Arts Foundation

While the stability that can come from an endowment can be life changing for any organization, there are a number of factors that need to be considered before setting one up, including:

  • Are you confident of being able to fund current and near-term obligations? 
  • Do you have the resources to raise funds for an endowment on top of your current fundraising activities?
  • Are your donors likely to be open to funding an endowment?

Having worked with hundreds of arts organizations on these questions, we would be pleased to help you work through them."

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