Personal Philanthropy

The K.M. Hunter Artist Awards

The K. M. Hunter Artist Awards are funded by the K. M. Hunter Charitable Foundation and are awarded annually to mid-career, professional artists who have a reasonable body of work, a fair degree of public exposure, have made an impact in their chosen field and demonstrate an original artistic voice within their artistic tradition.  The awards are a means of encouraging their craft while propelling them to the next level and are given in the fields of dance, media arts, literature, music, theatre and visual arts. 

Martin Hunter established the awards in 1995.  His daughter, Sarah Hunter, is committed to supporting young artists who have demonstrated both talent and potential for further development. 


Prize in each discipline: $8,000

Current Recipients
Christine Friday (dance)
Matthew Heiti (theatre)
Shane Book (literature)
Luo Li (media arts)
Allison Cameron (music)
Cree Stevens (visual arts)


Past Recipients 

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