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Personal Philanthropy

Have you worked out a strategy and structured approach for your personal philanthropy that will allow you to make a difference that is meaningful to you and the artistic projects you want to support? Do you want to leave an enduring legacy for yourself or someone you love?

Private money has been a mainstay of arts funding in Ontario. This support often comes in the form short-term infusions of cash for immediate use, but many thoughtful individuals are shifting towards longer term, more sustainable approaches that build a more financially secure future. These approaches reflect personal philanthropic values and a desire to build an enduring personal legacy in the arts.

Our values and objectives align with yours, as our mandate is to build a stronger arts community through fostering long-term financial solutions that serve both philanthropists and the causes they support. We are dedicated to working with you and your professional advisors to achieve your philanthropic objectives with a customized solution that may involve several components: for example, long-term funding through a combination of income and capital payouts; bequests; private grants; awards and scholarships.

Our slim organizational structure allows us to respond nimbly and cost-effectively to your needs and, as a non-profit organization, our primary focus is not asset gathering, so we have no conflicting agendas. Through our seasoned board of directors, staff and leading investment managers, we offer the resources you need to make informed decisions about your personal philanthropy and how it should be structured, financially and legally.

Along with our technical knowledge and expertise, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of the arts world that is constantly updated through our wide network of contacts. We may be able to guide you in some broad decision-making, such as selecting artistic projects or arts organizations to support with your philanthropy. If you need assistance with more specific tasks, such as building short lists of candidates for awards and prizes or setting up juries for the adjudication process, we can often be of help through our long association with the Ontario Arts Council. In certain situations, it may be appropriate to approach their sector experts on your behalf.

We’re here to serve you. Please call us to set up an appointment to talk about your various options.

There are other sources of philanthropic services. Why work with us?
Quote from Bruce Bennett, Executive Director of the Ontario Arts Foundation

For those that have determined that they are committed to a longer-term philanthropic strategy, there are many different options and levels of complexity. The Ontario Arts Foundation provides one set of options that are aligned with those interested in supporting the arts. These options also allow for flexibility in long term involvement of the donor and very little administration is necessary.
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